Custom Hair Care

Remedying bad hair days is an ongoing battle and one fought with multiple products in my arsenal, an especially hefty assortment with tween and teen girls in the house. Still, with all the styling sprays, anti-friz serums, pre-blowdry gels and more we’ve tested over the years, I have pretty much determined it’s best to start with the basics: good ole shampoo and conditioner. So when I found out the latest beauty trend is these customized shower companions, I was beyond giddy. Forget the fact that they are super cute to set out in the bathroom and you can choose your scent, the personalized formula to control my problem points is all about what works best for me.

The Function of Beauty was founded by world-class MIT engineers and data scientists who spent years building algorithm and machines, that pull from hundreds of ingredients to potentially create billions of completely unique shampoo and conditioner combinations. Yes, billions! And they put their know how to work after you tell them what you want and need from your hair. The quick hair quiz that you take online tells them about your hair type, structure, your hair goals, scent preference.

You also get to choose the custom message on the bottle, color of shampoo or conditioner (they don’t have to match!) and the scent. Me and my girls were having a hard time deciding between For (Shore) and Hibis (Kiss). What would you choose?

The products are also paraben free and use only vegan ingredients–plus for us girls who highlight, balayage, ombre, sombre, paint, gloss or just cover our grays, the sulfate-free formula rocks.

The bottles come in a variety of options and delivery options. Sign up for recurring deliveries and the shipping charge is free! What’s not to love?


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