Perfect Messy Bun



During morning mayhem, it’s often out of the question to find the time necessary to do our tresses. So instead of fretting that your hair is going to frizz, stay flat or retain bed-head status, use this technique to “throw it up” into the perfect messy bun. It might sound like an oxymoron, but we swear it’s simple and oh-so-stylish. The best part, since it’s supposed to look a little mussed, you can’t really do it wrong!

1. Brush hair and gather into a medium high pony .

2. Loop hair over and secure with elastic at a spot that’s a little lower than center of gathered hair so that long ends stick out of elastic.

3. Spread hair out by gently gently pulling to slightly loosen.  Pull out pieces to frame face and let sprays of hair loose at base of neck.

4. To add a trendy touch, tie a scarf over the elastic and secure in front of bun with knot or loose bow.

Now, you’re ready to face the day—looking ah-mazing!



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