Closet Organizing



As the house manager, so many responsibilities fall on mom. From menu coordination, play date (when not in pandemic) arrangement, school health form completion, dorm room shopping and more. Including, closet organization.

With times on your hands now, take the opportunity to get the job done. Enlist the help of kids and significant others since everyone can use activity right now—plus it’s safer that way since any teens in the house might not want you pilfering their stuff.

There are a few steps to approach closet organization.

1. See what is needed and what’s not (Has it be used within the year? If not, let it go).
2. Group items that make the most sense, whether by type, season, color or other.
3. Re-purpose or buy containers to store items neatly, like sweaters or seasonal items like bags and shoes.

Other details, like seating areas, spots to hang jewelry, message boards and other ideas are fun to consider to. Trust us, purging a closet feels good and the new space, no matter how you put it together lends a whole new set of inspiration—when it’s finally time to get dressed to go outside!

Check out this link to a closet organizing article on one of our favorite magazine sites by one of our favorite home bloggers.




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