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Got your 10-minute mom beauty routine down? Even if you covet the beauty products wrapped into your regimen for the multiple care, coverup and polish they provide, there are always new ones popping up (kind of like those tiny baby hairs just along your hairline). So be open to what you are going to give this season and what you might want to ask to get. During the holidays, beyond our typical mom makeup mode, we need our products to not only give us that extra glow and sparkle, but also to be the ultimate gifts and stocking stuffers for all of the beauty and budding beauty enthusiasts on our list. And while some beauty tools and products can definitely rival mommy and me class tuition and car payments, there are tons of at-home treatments and accouterments that are well within budget.

We have narrowed down from a slew of packages that come in under the $50 mark and less for hair care, skin (face and body), nails, makeup and more. Here, our guide to last minute beauty gift ideas under $50.

For Hair

Looking for styling products or tools or for care packages to keep your tresses looking as tremendous as possible, check out this list. Check it twice for beyond beautiful and easy-to-use hair accessories too.

gizou scalp treatment The best hair starts with a healthy scalp. This treatment is specially formulated with a powerful blend of Mirsalehi Honey and the brand’s proprietary Mirsalehi Bee Garden Oil Blend. It’s pampering at its finest with results that balance, hydrate, nourish, soothe, protect and repair.

Conjuring up summer vibes in the heat of winter, the Brazilian Crush Cheirosa 62 Perfume Mist from Sol Janeiro leaves a waft of pistachio, vanilla and salted caramel in your wake. Style your hair (doesn’t unwashed hair always look better?) and guarantees it is looking and smelling fresh.

With this must-have product, Satin Heatless Curling Kit by Kitsch, create the perfect curls or waves (whatever your mom mood of the moment is) without any of the damaging heat. Plus since these satin covered rods and scrunchies (to secure your hair) can be slept in, this set has that double-duty thing going on that we and any of the hair buffs on your list will love.

For Skincare

Skincare products are often magical pots of indulgence. These pots often come at a hefty price, depending on the ingredients and brands offering them. But equally effective and sorcerer-like (diminishing and preventing wrinkles and aging) are less expensive bottles, jars and more that should be top on the last minute beauty gift ideas under $50.

For a glowing complexion, this kit is filled with four of Dr. Jart+’s best-selling products. Three of the four—Cicapair Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment SPF, Ceramidin Cream, and Dermask Vital Hydra Solution Sheet Mask—are full size, so this gift isn’t just sampling, it’s pretty much the real skin-care deal.

Whether someone’s schedule calls for school pickup midday or a meeting just before the sun goes down, anyone who is still moving and shaking can benefit from the Shielded Beauty Face Day Purifying Mist. This product shields, soothes, moisturizes and most importantly energizes skin during the day. It goes right onto skin or over makeup. Either way, the refreshing boost is what’s needed right about then.

Dry brushing is a quick and easy exfoliating method that, even though it’s trending now, has been around for more than 5,000 years. Uh huh, it originated in India back then and was used to slough off dead skin cells then, leaving epidermis absolutely glowing. The natural bristle brush from Dr. Barbara Sturm not only exfoliates but helps increase blood circulation and lymph flow to remove toxins from the body too.

For Nails

A gift-card for a mani/pedi is always popular. Equally so are the tools and techniques to DIY nails at home. For that, we’ve included a few of our fave new products on our guide to last minute beauty gift ideas under $50.

We absolutely love reusable pop on nail sets from Static. They take seconds to apply (well probably a few minutes longer than that for moms since there will be a million interruptions along the way), easy to take off, last up to 18 days or for shorter stents can be reapplied up to six times. Well, we are all entitled to change our minds, no? They look amazing—but if our mood swings, they can be reshaped and polished. Ah-mazing and must for last minute beauty gifts under $50.

Maintenance is key to keeping nails looking their best. Having all the necessary tools in one place (and in a pretty package, of course) is convenient, and like everything, we are all about convenience. The K.I.T. (Keep It Together) Kit from Olive and June has all the goods to protect polish, care for cuticles, and extend the life of a manicure inside one ultra ca-yute, portable pouch.

We are all about instant gratification—and hope the same for our friends and family. It makes sense then that using just a pea-sized dollop of the Crème Abricot fortifying cream for nails by Dior (available in a limited edition brick red container) shows results almost right away. Another double-duty (yay multi-tasking) product that goes on at night to work while we sleep for strong nails and smoothness.

For Makeup

Buying makeup for others can be tricky when it comes to formulas, palettes and such. Still, there are quite a few tools and low-key products that any one of your giftees would be thrilled to add to their makeup arsenal.

Sometimes it’s the little things that matter, like these cotton squares Le Coton from Chanel. They’re not only fabulous, but work really well too. The tri-layer oversized squares are ultra-absorbent—ideal for removing makeup, cleansing and toning—and the double-C monogram just makes us smile.

It’s all over TikTok and trust us, you will be the most popular gift giver if you score this flattering shade for any teen (or older) girl in your life. Been living under a rock? Let us explain. Almost Lipstick in Black Honey by Clinique is just that: “Not quite lipstick, not quite gloss—its texture is more like a balm you can easily layer.” The formula is light and moist so it goes on glossy. Plus the mostly sheer shade is super forgiving and one of those that works with almost every skin tone. S.W.A.K.

The Lash Envy AM & PM set houses mini versions of cult-fave sets meant for day and night treatments that make lashes look almost fake—in a good way.

Lots of lush lashes are time-saving (no need to spend time making up eyes) and spectacular looking. Stick some of these lush serum sets into stockings and you will be the beloved gift giver.

It may take years to find the perfect lip shade and can be one of the dodgy gifts to buy for others (except if it’s a sheer forgiving shade like the Clinique one above). Still, a gift that elevates a favorite lipstick is almost as good. These gorg lipstick cases by Guerlain are stylish and practical and come in a ton of looks to match so many moods. Can you believe this comes in inexpensive enough to make it on our last minute beauty gift ideas under $50?

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