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Following a good skin-routine is an indulgence moms cannot afford to deny. But what we have to deny is satisfying our desires for the extra time and budget to make as many dermatologist appointments as we would like. Certainly slipping into the doctor’s reclining chair gives us goosebumps anticipating those supercharge sessions to keep wrinkles and saggy skin at bay. However due to various constraints, most of us need to understand the relevance of derm visits or simple at-home beauty products and which makes sense when.

We get it. With all the tête-à-têtes about the latest and greatest skin-procedures to keep us healthy-looking and perpetually in our twenties, it’s hard not to keep a derm on speed-dial. Still there are simple and less expensive tactics to hold back the years. We are not saying to ditch the derm nor are we saying that these are all as effective as being under a professional’s care. But when folded into your beauty regimen, some OTC products do a pretty damn good job. And when we say simple, we don’t mean those DIY kits where you are wielding the tools. We are big
fans of some of those products as well, but here, we are talking, like we said, easy-to-use products with no instruction book included (read: slather on and rinse off). So next time you are contemplating a derm visit or simple at-home beauty products, consult this list for three top procedures and the products that measure up. Then check them out and bank away your time and money that would have been spent in the office.

Understanding Microdermabrasian

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that “thickens collagen” and is beneficial for many skin issues. Dermatologists use an abrasive (sounds more painful than it is!) tool to gently but effectively remove the outer layer of skin. The results? It is an amazing exfoliation process that makes you glow, plus it reduces age spots, fine wrinkles, acne scars, blackheads, stretch marks, enlarged pores and hyperpigmentation. Okay, we understand why you might be running to set up the first available appointment. Sounds amazing, right? But before you do, consider the in-your-own space solution before deciding if you need a derm visit or simple at-home beauty products.

Since microdermabrasion is essentially an intense form of exfoliation, the scrubs touting microdermabrasion use more aggressive ingredients. While some gentle exfoliators are made from rice, flowers, clays and sugars, microdermabrasion scrubs bring forth ingredients to uberpolish your skin and draw those blackheads right out. Some include volcanic pumice, peppermint, aluminum oxide crystals (just like at the derm!), lactic acid, acidic fruit enzymes as well as soothing oils and butters to create a moisture and hydrating barrier. Look for Bliss’s Micro Magic Dermabrasion Scrub and Obagi Professional-C Microdermabrasion Polish + Mask.

Keeping In Sync with Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a very popular skin-resurfacing treatments that “peel away” the outer layer of skin to brighten, smooth fine lines and take care of uneven color. For both a derm visit or simple at-home beauty products, chemical peels use solutions typically made from alpha hydroxy acids, glycolic and trichloroacetic acids. The BIG difference is the intensity and formulas of these acids—those performed in office have a much higher intensity and should not
be attempted in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Thank goodness then, that some of our favorite beauty brands have derived lowerconcentration formulas perfect for us lay people to put on and peel away. This way you don’t have to decide on derm visit or simple at-home beauty products—if you were vacillating on this decision, it’s been made for you. The effects may take a bit longer to see, but if you calendar the process into your routine, the results will start showing up, maybe slowly but definitely surely. A piece of strong advice? Don’t double down on usage. The higher concentration is only meant for the pros—you trying to speed up the effects will only counteract your intentions. Use only as directed and use only those products meant for at-home and consumer use. Most at-home peels come in pads, serums and masks. Other important notes: Try the product out slowly and don’t repeat too often (again, just like we tell our kids, read the directions). And wear sunscreen (you should be doing so already) following treatment, since a chemical peel leaves your skin ultra-exposed. Check out Alpyn Beauty Wild Huckleberry 8-Acide Polishing Peel and Dr. Loretta Micro Peel Peptide Pads.

Owning the Oxygen Facial

Whether in secret are an out-there fan, there is no doubt you’ve noticed the skin on celeb moms like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham—fans of the oxygen facial. This hydrating facial is non-invasive so technically does not need to be done at the derm (many medi-spas have it on the menu). Still it is so effective, many doctors offer the service. The procedure, which typically includes a wash and exfoliation, consists of using a wand to administer high-pressure oxygen bursts to the skin. This is to help improve blood circulation in the skin cells and to clear out pores so moisturizing products like lotions and serums can penetrate deeper. The result: healthy, glowing skin.

Similar outcomes can also be attained at home with oxygen infused products. These clear away pores as well and contain ingredients that can plump up the skin so that post treatment you will get that healthy, youthful glow. Even if you are on the fence whether to do a facial with a derm visit or simple at-home beauty products because you can add other treatments like microdermabrasion at the doctor’s, the same is true at spa de su casa. When oxygenating at home, try layering products, like a favorite exfoliator or using an exfoliating cloth pre oxygen mask. Then top off with an alpha hydroxy serum or moisturizer. Many of the oxygen-touting products use ingredients to deep clean as well as infuse your skin with the skin-plumping air, so don’t fret about the bubble action going on. We like Glamglow Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Mask and Dr. Brandt’s Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Treatment Mask.

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