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We all need to work out. It helps us to be fit physically and mentally, both of which are the most important foundations to be the best versions of ourselves. Not that you need us to remind you but…according to the world-renowned Mayo Clinic, exercise makes you feel better, increases your overall energy and, wait for it, can add years to your life. Even just a combo of 45 minutes of aerobic activity 4 days a week plus moderate strength training reaps rewards. They go on to promote exercise as checking these other boxes in the pro column too: controls weight, combats diseases (like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, arthritis, certain cancers and more), elevates your mood, helps you sleep better, and can even make you feel more sexy—and into being intimate.

And, if you haven’t heard or you can’t fully admit it, working out feels amazing. Okay, maybe not during that intense boot camp circuit or when you’re tightening your core for what feels like the one hundredth time on a reformer. But, come on, you know you are going back for more. There are days, however, when excuses creep in to thwart our best endorphin-inducing intentions. Sure, some of these are legit reasons like a sick kid at home or a must-attend meeting that popped up during your only fitness window that there’s nothing to be done about. But those other lazy-bone, unmotivated evasions cannot be justified. In fact, just the opposite. They should be redirected to become justification why we have to work out. Changing how to motivate your workout routine actually creates true excuses why you have to lace up those sneaks or spin shoes and get to it.

Take Time for Yourself

Depending on your exercise preference, workout time can provide the space and time in your busy schedule for much needed me-time. Most of your day is packed caring for the kids, your house, significant other and work to-dos, so carving moments to tend to you is key. Solo exercises like walking, running, swimming and plenty of at-home app exercises like SWEAT, FitOn, BeachBody on Demand, Peloton and Nike Training Club (NTC) ensure you can totally be in your zone. Embrace this time and know that you are doing something good for yourself on multiple levels. The exercise part is obvious, but focusing only on you, even for that sliver of the day, is like a (sweaty) hug that recharges your talents to be everything for everyone else.

Take Time with Friends

Second best to an hour alone is plans to hang with friends—not over coffee, on the phone or out to dinner. But perspiring in hot yoga, crunching in solid core or taking a walk around the neighborhood. This time to bond or catch up with other mommies or non-moms with or sans kids in tow is extremely important for your adult brain. Plus it’s fun spending time with bffs and new confidantes. Whether you’re getting gossip, finding out scoop on the latest must-take mommy-and-me classes, talking about world news, or just grunting and laughing together, plans with your pals is something to look forward to and a way to truly motivate your workout routine.

Listen to Your Music

There’s a little homework for this one. Create playlists with your music selections! No Kids Bop or purple people eaters anywhere near the selections—we know it’s hard to imagine. Choose music that makes you smile and makes you want to move. Make a mix of oldies but goodies from high school and college years. Or add some upbeat Broadway tunes that always get you going. Top tunes you tune into today are also ones to put together. You can just add a string of songs you like or get more strategic, especially if you do any kind of interval training. In this case, ensure the song style is stepped up in energy for sprints and more low key for those slow-down times. If you’re not too keen on your deejay/music mixing skills, try different workout lists on places like Apple Music and Spotify. Either way, beats that you love and can belt out will motivate your workout routine, and make you smile.

Dress the Part

College T-shirts and old comfy shorts are perfect for snuggling up after the kids are in bed to read a book or watch a movie (although not the most sexy), but they are not at all what you need to motivate your workout routine. To get yourself in the mood to motivate your workout routine and because they are actually made for both form and function, is to invest in some workout ’fits. Depending what type of fitness routine you are taking on will determine what you wear. Certain fitness styles require specialty clothes and of course, shoes. Still, there are many pieces that are universal so just because you are walking/running one day and doing strength training another you can still overlap leggings, bra tops and the like. The choice in workout wear is vast and lines abound from new brands and established designers alike. There is also a mammoth selection of looks and budget options. Check out this story “5 Fall Fashion Trends That are the Perfect Fit for Moms” for some fab ideas for fitness gear.

Make it About Multi-tasking

One of the biggest thrills of a mom’s day is figuring out a new multi-task. Even more beneficial when that double-duty helps motivate your workout routine. Take the dog for a long morning walk. They need to go potty and get their energy out. You need the steps. Double check. Get the weeding done. The constant squats to grab the weeds and then the trash are amazing for strength training. Take the steps instead of the elevator at work—up the stairs, not just down ladies! And if you’re working from home, spend some time moving rather than sitting the whole time on calls or on the computer. Or, we suggest checking your to-do list. Likely there are a few tasks on there—like parking far from the supermarket exit—that can easily be checked off while getting your endorphins revved up in the process!

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