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It’s so funny how a lot of people post about how you need so many things in your hospital bag, but last time I had a baby I hardly took anything out of my bag! As I’m preparing for baby #2, I know to pack lighter and smarter. And with a toddler underfoot, as I’m lugging around my bowling-ball belly, it’s a good thing I don’t need to waste any energy or mental space on curating the perfect hospital bag. You shouldn’t either! Here is a streamlined list of what I’m packing this time around…

10 Maternity Bag Musts-Have’s

1. Chapstick — I love Nivea Moisture Lip Care.

To really treat yourself, add Lip Sleeping Mask, in tons of fun flavors, with soothing hydration and vitamin C:


2. Long phone charger cord.

3. Comfy sweatpants to wear underneath the robe that they give you at the hospital. Last time I brought cute little pajama sets. I brought a robe. But all I wore were my sweatpants the whole time, and I just left on the robe they gave me because it was so easy to nurse in it.

Just in case you actually do find time to put on PJs, check out these cute Roller Rabbit Pajama sets:


4. Nipple Butter – Earth Mama has the best Nipple Butter on the planet. I feel like it would have saved me if I used it right away in the hospital.

5. I wish I’d packed a nursing pillow last time around. Check out My Brest Friend—the best nursing pillow ever!

6. I also wish I’d brought a pillow of my own to sleep on. I know Josh will bring his pillow from home this time as well.

7. My own shampoo, conditioner and body wash. The hospital had Dial Soap and that was it. I literally washed my hair with Dial Soap during that hospital stay!

For clean ingredients and cruelty-free products, try Native shampoo and conditioner:


8. A great bag. I bought a new bag from Beis‘s Baby Collection to use for my Baby #2 maternity bag. It’s such a cute company. They have amazing bags and diaper bags for mamas on the go.

9. A special going-home outfit for baby. I wish I had packed a cute outfit for Savannah to wear as I shot my instagram post with her departing from the hospital. All I had for her was a white onesie! So new baby will have a very cute little onesie to go home in.

10. Leave some extra space in your maternity bag because the hospital lets you take literally everything in the room—from postpartum recovery pads to diapers to wipes to swaddle blankets and baby hats. Or bring a reusable shopping bag to fill up with all those freebies when you leave and head to home sweet home!

Poshmom loves this Apolis Market Bag, handcrafted by moms in Bangladesh.

Moms supporting moms—that’s what it’s all about! (

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