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You are the holiday queen—making this season all go down to a tee (a full-time job in itself) while balancing all the usual that’s on your plate. Go girl. Holiday decor, check. Meal prep, check, check. Lists made and gifts shopped for, check check and check. Okay, well, sorry but we need to stop you right there. You’ve got it all literally wrapped up except for those few pesky last-minute presents left to buy. Whether you have that super difficult person you’re still looking to please, you can’t stop contemplating the perfect teacher gift, you still need some stocking stuffers or you promised to get to your partner, kids, parents your list of must-haves. You shirking now girl, but we’ve got your back, so don’t throw that wonder woman bralette in the laundry room yet. Check out our last-minute gift guide for the home that will make many a home dweller on your list super happy—plus there are some ideas on here that you can share with others that are for your benefit too.

Gifts for the home can be uber tricky to master, especially when aesthetics come into play. So don’t fall into panic-mode buying. Unless you are intimately familiar with a giftee’s decorating style, it is safer to stay away from major decor pieces (smaller and on-trend attempts are okay). Instead, compartmentalize the home into how your friends and family spend their time there: do they cook, bake, garden, play games, organize, entertain, work out, wfh, etc.? Once you break down the home into easy to manage categories, the best gifts practically beckon. Then all that’s needed is the perfect wrapping and bow. So get off your egg-nog loving behind and finally cross off that shopping list with this last minute gift guide for the home.

For the Coffee Lover

Whether you are shopping for a barista-in-the-making or someone who is not as particular about their cup of joe, the selection of coffee for gifts abounds—from products to the prices. Here, a couple we rank high on our last-minute gift guide.

Fire Dept. Coffee was conceived by veteran firefighters and is run by active and retired first responders who know just how important a good and effective cup of coffee can be. The products range from ready to drink, to whole beans, ground beans and pods. Plus there are different roast levels, caffeine or non and some infused with flavorful spirits, including black cherry bourbon, Irish whiskey and more. You can purchase individual gifts, bundles and subscriptions. And talk about multi-tasking, Fire Dept. Coffee gives back through the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation by supporting first responders who have been injured on the job or are facing other serious health challenges.

If you’ve got someone on your last-minute gift list whose coffee consumption is as much about the experience as it is the taste—and you want to indulge them—we love the Breville products that can put them on par with their local coffee bar creations. Some of our favorites are even aptly named under “the Barista” line. With these high-tech machines, they can create all levels of specialty coffee, grinding beans, extracting flavor and creating microfoam to add on top.

For the Oenophile

Got a wine lover in your crowd? Even if you cannot begin to sort out whether Merlot gets them more excited than Shiraz, there are still tons of related gifts that will get their wine gears going.

Wine flights are fun ways to sample wine—at dinner or with a crowd. This custom wine tasting set is a festive way to display wine samples. The chalkboard strip lets users ID the wine for the ultimate wine-tasting event.

Behind every bottle is the story of a grape, a vineyard, a flavor discovery. And many of those who enjoy a fine glass of wine, enjoy the history and lore of the drink as well. The Wine Folly: Magnum Edition is a master guide to wine that’s filled with all the information wine enthusiasts, from novice to experts, need to know. The edition has even been bestowed with a coveted James Beard Foundation award.

For the Flower/Gardening Lover

Got friends and family on your gift list whose happiness comes from the outside footprint of their home? Look for items that will embrace their love of growing, arranging, pruning and everything else floral, plant, herbs and more.

Fresh flowers make everyone smile, but what can be frustrating is putting an arrangement of some of your favorites together. Bouquet Box is the first ever DIY floral arranging kit—their motto, designed by us, arranged by you, refers to the expert designs created by Hollywood’s top floral experts and designers that you arrange yourself. With Bouquet Box, the precise number of curated farm-fresh flowers are delivered to your door along with the vase, grid lid system, professional tools and step-by-step instructions to arrange them. Learn from the experts. Elevate your floral skills and style.

Take the task out of tending to the garden with proper and fabulous looking tools that make it more fun than tedious. The Haws Watering Can + Plant Mister is meant for those who like classic styling and know the importance of gentle watering.

For the Chef/Baker

Shopping for a mom or non-mom who loves to spend time in the kitchen? We could go on and on here, but absolutely love these couple of ideas for last minute gift guide entries:

Crumble Crate is a baker’s dream box that comes complete with pre-measured dry ingredients, specialty baking tools, and keepsake recipe card. Gift a one-time kit or a 6 or 12-month subscription.

When you have a loved one who finds their joy in the kitchen, elevate that experience with a leather bound edition of the classic The Joy of Cooking recipe book.

This one from retailer Mark & Graham, known for their fine gifts and monogramming, can be personalized with a small and sophisticated monogram in the corner.

That way, It’s one thing in the house that is for mom’s hands only.

For the Game Players

Lucky is the mom whose kids love to spend time together. A fun way to wrangle everyone together from busy schedules, homework and friends is with family-friendly and fun games. Hunker down for the afternoon or night or be grateful for just a bit of time put aside for competitive fun. Look for the oldies but goods or check out a couple of new favorites from our last-minute gift guide for the home.

For houses filled with amazing kids who understand the strength and beauty of modern women, we love this game. A modern twist on Old Maid, Bold Made—created by a mom entrepreneur and her 9-year-old son—poo poos the old game that avoids unmarried women and instead celebrates the amazing women from history and today for all of their spectacular achievements. Some cards have recognizable female role models like Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, and Malala. Others provide teaching moments with lesser known heroes like Raymonde de Laroche, the first female pilot, and Madam C.J. Walker, the first woman to become a self-made millionaire. Not surprised that this card game has received multiple mom and toy awards!

With all the craziness of modern households, especially around the holidays, who isn’t looking for a little zen? Zen Battle: Survival of the Chillest is a super fun way to be a zen master. Don’t love to just get your chakra and hippy-dippy on, this competitive game is also fast-paced and full of action. The perfect family game night activity—not surprising the art and game design is from famed toy inventor of the year David Yakos.

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