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As busy moms who are juggling, well everything, we are very appreciative of time-saving techniques. These may be beauty products that do double duty, one-pot dinner recipes and 3-in-1 shampoos and body washes for our little and big ones we have to wrangle into the bath/shower. So when we hear about the tact of bundling plastic surgeries to save us time and money, we are all ears (nipped and tucked ones, of course) while also a little cautious. Taking a knife to our carefully tended to face and body is not something we take lightly, but we are very intrigued that it fits into our time management mode. So we tuned into advice from top New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Westreich about what to consider about the do’s and don’ts when bundling plastic surgery.

First though, like most things we posh moms care about, there is some interesting trending info when it comes to plastic surgery. It seems like the covid-era affected so much around us, more than from-home school and nixed mommy coffee meetups. Plastic surgery included. An explosion in video conferencing (who did not excessively Zoom, Face-time, Team, etc during this time?) and social media use (yes, we rivaled our tweens/teens in screen time!) put a bit too much focus on our faces and increased the demand for facial contouring. But as in-person is coming back into play, the trend is pivoting back to the body, says Dr.  Westreich.

Plastic Surgery Procedures

“Body contouring is surging and in demand,” said Dr. Westreich. “Now that we’re getting a level of normalcy, the boom from Zoom is switching back to focusing on the body.” So now the hype is really a mix of the two, including breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and facelifts. Of course, less invasive office visits are also still super popular like Botox injections and fillers.

What Makes Sense to Bundle

With all of these possibilities, it seems that plastic surgery offices are seeing yet another trend: Bundling procedures into a single appointment. If you think about it, this trend is perfect for the busy mom—who is also mindful of her budget. Ever hear of a mommy makeover? Smoothing out and bringing back to their former glory those few spots that pregnancy and childbirth stretched, pulled, wrinkled and sagged. So it’s just like that—only in different places. And it makes so much sense. Combining procedures have lots of benefits: Only going under anesthesia one time (given that there is some risk going under, this is a very good thing); recovery time can be knocked off in one fell swoop rather than having to recoup after each procedure (who has time like that?); results are simultaneous rather than making different changes over time.

Having multiple surgeries at once is do-able but not all are safe choices to undergo  together. You cannot pick and choose which ones to do at the same time, rather it’s a discussion involving careful consideration with your doctor. Some popular to do together include:

  • – Liposuction and Tummy Tuck
  • – Tummy Tuck and Breast augmentation
  • – Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty
  • – Breast reduction and breast lift
  • – Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation
  • – Eyelid lift/tuck and Facelift
  • – Brow Lift and Facelift
  • – Neck Lift and Facelift
  • – Eyelid lift/tuck and fillers

Still, Dr Westreich cautions, “Whatever procedure a person is considering, due diligence is the best defense against potential post-op problems.” He recommends a set of dos and don’ts when bundling plastic surgery.

“My best advice to people is to go back to the mindset before the Zoom boom,” he said, explaining that virtual consults have streamlined the process and tightened the timeline between concept and completion. “Don’t rush into something just because it’s easy or convenient.”

There are oodles of cosmetic surgery success stories and we are fans when it makes sense. Still, for those thinking about any cosmetic procedure, consider these safety tips from Dr. Westreich:

  • – Make sure any doctor you schedule through a virtual visit allows you to cancel AFTER an in-person meeting for surgery. There is no substitute for face to face.
  • – Your health doesn’t belong in the bargain bin. So this is not the time to necessarily go with the lowest bid.
  • – Don’t go in search of medical care out of the country to save a few dollars. Medical tourism can be dangerous. Laws may differ; regulations may differ; problems with after- care may arise.
  • – Understand informed consent. Ask for examples of not only the good outcomes but also the potential bad ones. Ask for data specific to the procedure and the doctor performing it (complication rates, death rates).
  • – Surgery belongs in accredited operating rooms. Ask to see accreditation certificates (AAA, AAAA, JCAHO).
  • – Make sure the board certification of a doctor makes sense for the procedure they are performing.
  • – If significant issues arise after a procedure (surgery or office injection), seek a second opinion on management.

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