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One of the most anticipated aspects of the holiday season is traveling. Whether you are going to spend time with family and friends, taking an old-school road trip or globetrotting. Likely you are as thrilled as your mini-mes to take off (unless they are babies and not the best travelers—then not so much). And there is the mom-only overwhelming thought “I have to pack. For EVERYBODY.” We got you. First things first on your what-to-take travel itinerary, even before deciding what hat goes with that ah-mazing halter maxi dress, you need to determine the best gear to cart it all in. Below, our top travel piece picks—from high end to the bare minimum and a few in-betweens—so you can enjoy the anticipation and prepping for the trip as much as the vacay when you get there.

Carry on like the jet-set crowd

Like the jet-set pack who are constantly on the move and looking their best while doing it, take note from the fancy pants bags that A-listers are toting along in first class or on their GVs. They are definitely on the pricey side, but made to last forever. Even if your seats are more toward the back of a very crowded commercial flight, the Check-in L from Rimowa still fits in. It has plenty of room inside and is ultra-light to make maneuverability a cinch. The fab color selections stand out while maintaining a classic vibe. The brand also has more size selection you are planning to carry on or check. The Bellagio Spinner Trunk by Brics Milano are the sleekest vintage looks with modern functionality and practical necessity. The polycarbonate pieces (varying sizes) with fine leather trim are lightweight and spacious—perfect to pack to the hilt and go.

Go in Savvy Style

Equally stylish but sliding lower on the $$$$ scale are a handful of brands that look good when going but still pad your souvenir slush fund. Trust us, you’ll be thrilled to have a little extra cash to spend on that bathing suit and sarong set at the chic little boutique in town that carries things you had never seen before and never would again. BÉIS, founded by actress Shay Mitchell, is so fashion forward you are almost not going to want to check your bag. The lightweight luggage is sleek and subtle plus has function to go with its form. Compartments keep you organized and there’s plenty of packing room. The Away Luggage pieces come in polycarbonate and aluminum and are super subtle in their modern styling. The 360-degree spinner wheels and built-in waterproof laundry bag are bonuses. With both of these brands, when you stack up sizes to create sets, you save.

Readying for a Road Trip

If your excursion involves a long drive, we’ve got some must-have top travel piece picks here. The key is finding duffels and weekenders that fit it and stack well in the trunk. Especially if you’ve got extra kid gear like strollers and Pack n’ Plays to place strategically in this packing puzzle as well. Make your luggage work for you by loading pieces that have lots of pockets and zippers that expand your room. Eagle Creek duffles—some carry, some are backpacks and some roll—are soft and loaded with compartments. They stretch and squish to fit (your stuff and in the car). Even if you’re not actually going camping, the outdoor-gearness of these bags are the perfect road trip companions. The Patagonia Black Hole Duffel (comes in multiple sizes) beyond lives up to its name because you can miraculously get everything in. Still one of those amazing mom-mysteries. Its laminated, water-repellent exterior stands up to wear-and-tear and is convertible with padded straps to be carried either over the shoulder or as a backpack.Gotta love that multi-tasking, it’s like it was made for moms.

Being budget-friendly

There is nothing wrong with simple styling, especially when the price is right. Amazon Basics has a super deep line of luggage—individual pieces as well as sets. You can find soft and hard luggage, wheeled and carry in a variety of styles too. Plus the packing room rivals any high-falutin brand. The Open Story brand at Target has it all, from weekenders to oversized luggage. The modern designs, in hard and soft materials, should definitely earn a look, they are some faves from our top travel piece picks. Maybe it’s the spinner wheels, lightweight and heavy-duty shells, heavy-duty zippers and 10-year warranty. These low-priced counterparts that offer so much make pricey stylized pieces squirm.

Get your kids involved in the gear

The Huffy Tiger Pack N Fun for Kids (this mini luggage comes in pink kitty, blue unicorn, and white panda with black detailing options as well) is baggage doing double-duty as a ride on toy. Pack some clothes, toys, or can’t-leave-home-without woobies, secure it closed and they are off. Their feet hit the floor they can push off and scoot around or use the built in strap to tow their new animal friend when they’re not in the mood to ride. Animal ears act as handles and plastic footrests fold out when it’s time to take a break and. Either way, no work for you and tons of fun for them! A great way to get your kiddos involved is to make them masters of their own bags. No, not suggesting they actually have to haul them. But we definitely know they would be first to raise their hands to ride on them.

For smaller sacks that are perfect for organizing packing or taking along in backpacks, there are the customizable in the trendiest way pieces from Stoney Clover Lane. Stoney Clover Lane offers packing cubes as well as pouches and the basics like duffels, backpacks, totes and more. Customize them with a variety of patch letters and the coolest icons ever. Bonus? These super glam and soft pieces make the perfect holiday gift for your little diva.

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