NYFW 411

On the one hand, so bummed that summer is ending. On the other, so excited that New York Fashion Week is starting. NYFW Spring 2019 Day 1 was yesterday and it was a stylish entry into what we can expect the rest of the week and for the coming seasons.

Now, you might be thinking, realistically why do I care? Am i wearing Tom Ford’s printed crocodile bodice that Gigi Hadid strutted down the runway in with an ethereal cape trailing behind as I pick up from carpool, run from varsity game to dance practice pickup, run home from work just in time to get dinner started? Likely not. However, you are still entitled to, number one, know what’s happening in the fashion world around you and, two, get excited about what styles  we are going to be privy to come spring because lest we forget these runway looks translate into everyday pieces, whether pants, boots (yay it’s almost boot season!), accessories and even t-shirts.

Feel better? Yeah, well fashion has a way of doing that. So read on for how Tom Ford kicked of day 1 and a roundup of what to expect for the coming week:

Tom Ford’s runway sported the aforementioned crocodile bodice as well as embossed jackets in tons of muted tones, animal prints for days including the stunning Joan Smalls in a leopard print top and jacket, tons of feathery fringe, mixing of leather and lace. High spikey heels were de rigeur and headscarves used in place of over-the-top hairstyles.

Speaking of, these runways lend insight to the next season’s fashions as well as hint at the beauty trends we might see. So what’s the info there? Natural skin tones, individuality (think Meghan Markle’s freckles), possibly a pop of color on the lips. And don’t think glitter and rhinestones are for your teens Coachella getups only: texture will be in, and even if it’s a subtle swipe you should definitely partake.


Custom Hair Care

Remedying bad hair days is an ongoing battle and one fought with multiple products in my arsenal, an especially hefty assortment with tween and teen girls in the house. Still, with all the styling sprays, anti-friz serums, pre-blowdry gels and more we’ve tested over the years, I have pretty much determined it’s best to start with the basics: good ole shampoo and conditioner. So when I found out the latest beauty trend is these customized shower companions, I was beyond giddy. Forget the fact that they are super cute to set out in the bathroom and you can choose your scent, the personalized formula to control my problem points is all about what works best for me.

The Function of Beauty was founded by world-class MIT engineers and data scientists who spent years building algorithm and machines, that pull from hundreds of ingredients to potentially create billions of completely unique shampoo and conditioner combinations. Yes, billions! And they put their know how to work after you tell them what you want and need from your hair. The quick hair quiz that you take online tells them about your hair type, structure, your hair goals, scent preference.

You also get to choose the custom message on the bottle, color of shampoo or conditioner (they don’t have to match!) and the scent. Me and my girls were having a hard time deciding between For (Shore) and Hibis (Kiss). What would you choose?

The products are also paraben free and use only vegan ingredients–plus for us girls who highlight, balayage, ombre, sombre, paint, gloss or just cover our grays, the sulfate-free formula rocks.

The bottles come in a variety of options and delivery options. Sign up for recurring deliveries and the shipping charge is free! What’s not to love?


Top Eight Summer Travel Budget Tips

Whether you’re flying or driving, a summer family vacation can set you back. It’s one of those times it’s crystal clear that life a deux was not only simpler but also cheaper. Still, a vacay with kids in tow can be filled with discounts and smart shopper techniques so that you can save extra for the souvenirs you have a hard time saying no to.

Here, eight effective money-saving tips for your trip:

1. Purchase airline tickets a few months (or at least 21 days) and earlier in the week as fares tend to increase as date approaches and toward the end of the week.
2. Travel Saturday if possible since it’s typically the cheapest day to be on the move.
3. Make your car more fuel efficient for road trips by: Getting regular maintenance, keeping tires properly inflated and aligned, changing air filter regularly—a clean one can up gas mileage by 10%, stay below 60 mph (easing off the gas pedal from 65 to 55 can also up mileage by 10%), tighten gas cap/fill up early morning or late night—all for less gas evaporation.
4. Check TSA guidelines before flying so you don’t have to trash any of your already paid for stash—they will let you go on board with more than the typically allotted 3 ounces of liquid if it’s baby formula, breast milk, or juice.
5. Travel with portable play yard or blow up infant bed (they fold down well and are easy to carry) if hotel charges for crib or side rails.
6. Book destinations with free nightly entertainment like shows, boardwalk jugglers and musicians or roving magicians.
7. Choose all-inclusive resort like so you don’t worry about wasted overpriced drinks and hamburgers
8. Check if your or your partner’s company is a corporate sponsor of any attractions like museums, aquariums or zoos. Employees typically get in free or at a discounted rate so be sure to pack your employee ID.


Bonding with Bullet Journals

You gave up your Filofax years ago in favor of keeping track of all your to-dos on your cell phone. And now you’re intrigued by a paper planner again? Well, of course! Bullet journals are super cute and making them is a perfect way to bond with your kids, let alone a major stress relief exercise for you. The best part of “Bu-joing” is it’s quick, easy,  fun and totally on-trend, so much so that your little ones will be absolutely amazed you know of them. And since it’s all about quick bullet points, using them takes hardly any time away from the little you have. Reading along like you know what it is (who doesn’t want to be super hip?) and how to get started but honestly don’t have a clue? Not to worry, we’re on it and have put together the top tips for bullet journals below!

The book

Start with any notebook or pad to create your bullet journal. Shop in stores, online or make your own. One top tip is to print dotted grid paper double-sided, fold into a book with a card stock cover, make holes in the spine and tie with twine.


Another of the key top tips for bullet journals is to make sure you have categories that make sense for you. Turn each page or spread (two facing pages) into a space for each by labeling at top. Include to-do list, daily log, weekly log, monthly log, future log (your calendars), events, homework, friends, goals and more.

Page numbers

When you start, one of the top tips for bullet journals is to number each page. You can start with the first few and number as you move on. This is important as it goes back to the index (that’s where you’ll add the page numbers to categories; see below). It’s how you will be able to find stuff easily in your bu-jo. Therefore, it’s a step you don’t want to skip.


You will need to start with an Index so that you can easily find what you are looking for. Mark all your categories there. As you add entries to your bullet journal you can add in the page number to the index. So when creating the index, leave plenty of room for future add-ins.


What’s different about bu-joing than regular journaling or keeping a diary is the symbols next to the bulleted lists. These  make notes, tasks, events instantly and easily recognizable. An “o” bullet is used for events. Use a traditional bullet for tasks. A less than sign means that a task is scheduled. A greater than sign means a task needs to be migrated or moved forward to the next day, week or month. A dash is used for notes, which are facts, ideas, and observations. Even more fun? There are signifiers to further identify your lists, like an asterisk for priority. An exclamation point or inspiration. An eye symbol to explore more. Or make up your own! Just be sure to log all into a key on your front or back page so you know what you are looking at!


Last of our top tips for bullet journals? Having a stash of pretty pens and other pieces like stickers makes the process even more inspired.

Here’s a place to learn more

One of our favorite spots for inspo!


Brand New Ice Cream with a Barely There Calorie Count is on Target

Our go-to summer staples include SPF, hydrating face masks, rosé and now low-cal ice cream from Target. Not only does each pint of these brand-new craft flavors from in-house brand Archer Farms–Chocolate Peanut Butter, Chocolate Pecan Pie, Cookie Dough, Caramel Maple Bourbon Pecan, Mini Donut, Mint Cookies & Cream–have less than 340 calories, but they are also low in fat and packed with protein. No more standing  longingly by your kids at the ice-cream truck window because now you’ve got the perfect summer serving!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 7.17.27 PM

The Coolest and Cleanest Product Launch Comes to Sephora from Down Under

We are all about best skin practices and keeping our regimen as easy as 1-2-3, especially since we are typically taking care of someone else first. That’s why we fully intend to stock up on the latest product that just claimed shelf space at Sephora, Aussie-born Go-To brand. The packaging is as cute and clean looking as the vegan-free, gluten-free and other-free ingredients inside and covers us from head to almost toe with creams, oils and wipes to hydrate and exfoliate. And as the brainchild of beauty guru Zoë Foster Blake, author of Amazinger Face and the former beauty director of Cosmpolitan and Harper’s Bazaar, we plan to Go-For-It.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.28.49 PM

Shades We Love: Less AND More

From the tiny to the oversized, shades that are less and more

We may be well into the summer, but there’s no expiration date on an extra pair or two of sunnies and pretty much a must to have multiples if you think about it this way: You need one for your bag, one for your car, an extra to grab on the go and of course one for when your kids have made off with your faves. Plus having an assortment of on-trend sunglasses–some tiny and some oversized–is instant personal diva style and lets you make them work with your OOTD. Here, whether you are looking for geo shaped, bold-colored lenses or a take on classic aviators, here are six of some of our favorite sunglasses designs to look for.

Quay Australia

Showdown, $50

quayaustralia.com, $50, Showdown.png



Marc Jacobs

Oversized Shield Sunglasses, $140

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.40.14 PM


Women’s Kye Mirrored Round Sunglasses, 51mm, $68


Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.50.32 PM.png



Breezy Square Sunglasses, $10

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.11.40 PM.png



Milos Sunglasses, $195

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.17.39 PM.png



Inferno/Shadow Sherbert, $89

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 12.04.12 PM