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Referral program—too good to be true?

Actually it seems that way but it is 1000% real. We believe in rewarding moms for spreading the word and that word-of-mom is the real deal. When you share your love of products on the site you get real cash. Apply here and we’ll get started

How can I speak with someone on the PoshMom Team?

We are here for you! We have opted not to have a stranger answer your calls and instead have a real live member of the our team. We want to know the good, the bad and the ugly (hopefully there’s none of that last one).

Use our “customer service” or “contact us” link at the bottom of our page and we will get in touch within 36 hours—usually 24 but we gave it some padding in case our kids need us!

Can I get a PoshMom Gift Card?​

The ultimate compliment for a mom that you know, we are planning on offering gift cards soon! We will have them by Mother’s Day to help you pay the compliment to your mom, sister, or perfectly Posh friend.

I have a product that’s perfect for moms—how do I tell you about it?​

Please use our “brands apply here”. We can’t wait to discover you!

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day no questions asked return policy if any product does not meet your expectations. We hope to avoid this issue with the rigorous testing our team does!

What do I get when I sign up for the PoshMom site?

You’ll be able to favorite products as well as chat with our Posh Pros when they go live and favorite any and all upcoming LIVES. Signing up does not mean barraging emails. We’ll only send stuff we think you NEED to know about!

How do you choose the featured products?​

Could we make oodles of money letting everyone sell products LIVE on PoshMom—yeah. But we choose to only sell what we have tested and found to be must-haves for you and/or your family. We do the work to make certain we
are recommending the right products and services. You’re welcome!

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